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Weavers Fields Community Nursery 

Weavers Fields Community Nursery is a fee paying nursery which is run by Early Years Network, Tower Hamlets. The nursery opened in January 2007, operating from a purpose-built building.  It is situated in the centre of Weavers Fields Park, a large green space within a large residential area of Bethnal Green in Tower Hamlets. The nursery is registered for 30 children aged between 5 months and 5 years.

Numbers of children on each day may vary, depending on the ages of particular groups of children on any one day. There are both full-time children and part-time children attending the nursery. The admittance criteria for part-time children is minimum of 2 full consecutive days, at the beginning or end of the week.  This enables the nursery to offer places to other parents from the waiting list, needing part-time places for their children.

The nursery is open each weekday from 08.00 to 17.45 for 48 weeks of the year. Children may be collected at any time during the day except mealtimes.  All children must be collected by 5.45 at the latest. Where possible it is advisable that parents collect earlier than 5.45, as it is a policy of the nursery to provide feedback to parents each day.  Unfortunately, late collections make this very difficult.


The nursery closes Easter Monday week of the Easter holiday, the last two weeks of August and during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Dates vary according to the calendar each year, this is offered as rough guide for parents, who are planning their childcare.  These dates are compatible where possible for teachers, education staff and families with older children at school. Fees are calculated with all closures, included in the pricing.

The nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage for all babies and children and uses this for guidance and assessment of children.  The nursery focuses on the use of natural materials inside and outside both in the furniture and the activities that the children do. The nursery puts considerable emphasis on promoting children’s well-being through healthy eating, physical development both indoors and outdoors, language and communication skills, and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.  All other areas of the curriculum are covered throughout the nursery with a huge emphasis on creative activities, paint, clay, dough, planting, growing, caring for plants, sand and water play. Children are confident, in selecting what they would like to do each day and are involved in the planning of activities throughout the nursery. Staff are keen were appropriate, to develop and encourage children's interests outside of the nursery.

All children including the babies have access to a secure enclosed outdoor play area. The outdoor play space is used daily and in all weathers except in extreme conditions.  Staff take children regularly to Weavers Fields Park.

The nursery runs as a ‘family’ group. Children including babies, eat together and spend time together throughout the day. The focus is on relationships, between babies, children and staff. The nursery operates a strong 'key working system' and huge emphasis is placed on children having trusting relationships with their 'key person'. Children mainly come from the local area, although a few children whose parents work locally, travel to the nursery. Many children and their families meet outside of the nursery, helping them to build friendships with other parents and children. The nursery is very fortunate to be very well supported by parents, and they have been our strongest links with new families.

The nursery supports children with special educational needs, and children who speak English as an additional language. The nursery employs 6 full-time staff, two part-time staff and two cover/casual part-time staff. All staff hold valid childcare qualifications. Staff regularly attend staff development training, and are encouraged to take part in projects and reading which helps them to develop their knowledge further. Three staff have Early Childhood Studies BA Hons. Degrees and one staff hold EYPS/Early Years Teacher Status qualifications.

How to apply for a nursery place?

No children will be placed on the waiting list, without a visit to the nursery first. The only exception to this is for parents living outside of London and planning to move to the area. These parents would still need to visit ASAP before a place is offered. It is important for parents/carers to see the nursery in action, prior to putting a child's name on the waiting list. Visits are by appointment only and one family at a time, normally at 10.30am or 2.30pm. There are no weekend visits or during closures.  A visit may last for an hour or more depending on individual families. The visit provides parents with an opportunity, to have a good look around the nursery, finding out about children's activities, meals and routines. Parents will see children at play and have enough time to ask questions. It is important as far as children are concerned, to have consistent carers, and parents find a nursery, which suits the needs of the child and family.


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